World Peace Pilgrimage

An Inter-Faith event calling all people to mystic Mount Baldy to pray for world peace.

Sunday, August 9.

We invite you to come and help create the change needed upon our Planet through the power of Prayer and sacred ritual.

On August 9th, 2009, there will be a coming together of spiritual brothers and sisters from many faiths on a powerful and holy mountain in the San Gabriel Mountains--Mount Baldy.

From this sacred ground we will send out a stream of uplifting spiritual energy that will be a potent wedge of healing light into our suffering world.

Performed in this beautiful location, your effort to help our world will not only uplift all humanity but can bring you a new level of spiritual appreciation. 
We hope you will join us to help create a powerful group soul experience celebrating all faiths on this sacred power spot underneath the blue dome of heaven.

The Pilgrimage


...The Experience