Mount Baldy - The Sacred Site

There are many mountains around the world that are considered holy by different cultures and religions. Mount Baldy, 50 miles east of Los Angeles in the San Gabriel Mountains, is one of these. It has been considered holy by the San Gabrielino/Tongva native Americans for generations, and by The Aetherius Society for almost 60 years. There has also been a Zen Buddhist Center on the mountain for over 40 years.

Although the entire mountain is considered sacred containing powerful energies, the energy is easier to invoke from a particular place near the top.  This sacred spot is at an elevation of approximately 9500 ft. (see map). It was at this site on August 9th, 1959, where Western Master of Yoga and Founder of The Aetherius Society, Dr. George King, acted as a channel for a stream of Cosmic energy to flow into the mountain.  


Note: Every year, aside from the Interfaith World Peace Pilgrimage, The Aetherius Society holds regular Pilgrimages to Mt. Baldy and other holy Mountains. For a schedule official Pilgrimages during the year, please contact
Charged Spot

George King after Charge